Google Search Ranking and Popup Banners

google search ranking
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In a Google SEO office hours video, Google’s John Mueller responded to a concern a person raised. This concern was regarding if a popup banner might affect rankings, and John responded to the query.

Following this, he went into intricate aspects on why banners can be harmful and other Core Web Vitals-related concerns. Further then, simply the banner is involved in the solution to the question. 

popup banners

The explanation is more complex due to ranking variables related to Core Web Vitals. These may be influenced by items like popup advertisements, which might impact ranks.

The Vitality of the Web’s Core

In his reply, John Mueller said 2 variables related to the Core Web Vitals measurements. Therefore, it is important to quickly establish those criteria so that his reply makes sense.

  1. Cumulative Layout Shift
  2. Biggest satisfied paint

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

A Core Web Vitals indicator called Cumulative Layout Shift monitors how much a new website moves as it loads. Images and typefaces are 2 variables that can have an impact on this statistic. When a picture takes a while to load, the contents on the page may move.

cumulative layout shift

While a font takes much longer to load, the information on the page may scroll when the font style is shown.

Biggest Satisfied Paint

The biggest satisfied paint is also known as the Largest Contentful Paint ( LCP). A statistic determines how long it takes for a web page to load the biggest chunk of material. This is determined) from the time it first loads, which may even be a picture or text.

Page Layout Algorithm

Eventually, in 2012, Google released the Page Layout Algorithm, also commonly known as the Top Heavy Algorithm.

google page algorithm

The goal of this experience design ranking feature was to penalize websites that used invasive popups.

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Can Popup Banners have an Impact on Rankings?

The person asking the question wanted to learn if popups still have an impact on results 1 decade after the page layout algorithm was launched.

banner popups

Popup banners have an impact on a number of ranking variables. The present state of affairs involves more than just an obtrusive intermittent with a bad ranking effect.

Because these banners can have an influence on CLS and LCP, Core Web Vitals’ ranking variables, a less invasive popup banner can nevertheless have a detrimental ranking effect.

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