WordPress All In One SEO Plugin Integrates Microsoft Clarity

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The All in One SEO (AIOSEO) WordPress SEO Plugin incorporates Microsoft Clarity Behavior Analytics. This helps authors provide valuable information for optimizing sales and addressing performance issues.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO), a powerful WordPress SEO plugin, currently includes Microsoft Clarity user behavior statistics. Businesses may use Clarity for many reasons. For instance, to analyze how individuals engage with a web page to optimize it further and pinpoint any problems.

all in seo (alseo)

The official statement highlighted the following advantages:

  1. Recognize the user’s preferences.
  2. Improve your website’s design and layout.
  3. It should reduce bounce rates.
  4. Increase your sales rates.
  5. Improve the customer encounter (UX)

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Microsoft Clarity 

Clarity by Microsoft is a simple analytics application that concentrates on user behavior. Clarity’s best attributes include:

Heat Maps

Heat Map displays how consumers interact with your website, including what they press and how far down the site they browse.

Recordings from Sessions

This depicts how website users travel and interact across the website and when they may abandon it. Aids in identifying points of resistance that may be corrected to enhance customer satisfaction. 


Reports indicating issues with how people engage with the website

microsoft clarity

Microsoft Clarity can assist publishers in resolving issues such as page desertion, and it can also help uncover underlying factors. For instance, visitors are growing unhappy with a site or failing to complete a requested response such as registering for a subscription.

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AIOSEO and Clarity Integration

Clarity and AISEO are combined in a modular fashion, and this implies Clarity isn’t turned on by design. 

Clarity is now simpler to operate since a publisher doesn’t have to switch between two platforms to enable it. The initiation process takes place entirely on the web page.

all in one seo

A further benefit of having Clarity directly on the webpage admin interface is that it eliminates the need to switch between Clarity and the website being optimized. This is something that some users may appreciate.

AIOSEO Clarity Activation

Before enabling Clarity, you should take 3 or 5-page speed assessments using Google Page Speed Insights. You can also use another page speed analyzer to acquire an overall page speed.

all in one seo

Perform the same variety of trials after enabling Clarity and analyzing the preceding and following statistics. This will assist you in determining whether or not the activation of Clarity on your site has an influence.

It is simple to switch on Clarity; go to the Webmaster Tools Verification page:

General Settings > Webmaster Tools Verification

You may then activate the Clarity module, also, the procedure of constructing the project can commence.

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