More Search Console Insights Added to Google Data Studio

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It is time to start utilizing Google Data Studio to visualize your data if you haven’t already. Google stated that the Google Data Studio connection for Search Console now can import Google Discover and Google News traffic data. This is a Google Data Studio upgrade that was recently released.

google data studio

If you have not heard the news yet, we will give you the facts straight up. Let’s have a look at how “Google Data Studio” can help us. We will also go through how the search console affects the Studio’s data.

What is Google Data Studio?

In most cases, Data Studio is used for generic reporting. The true beauty of Data Studio, though, is that you can use it for a lot more. For SEOs and marketers, Google Data Studio is nothing short of a godsend. In fact, Anyone may use Google Data Studio to create bespoke dashboards that combine data from many sources.

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How to Analyze Data in Google Data Studio?

Google Search Console provides information on how well your website performs in Google searches. Understanding your data, on the other hand, might be difficult. As a result, Google has added new insights to the Google Data Studio to address this issue.

analyse data

In your Search Console reports, you can now incorporate data from the discovery and google news search categories. Furthermore, you may use these search types when you connect to the URL Impression table.

Google Data Studio Connector

Use the Google Data Studio data connector if you want to see the same data that you see in Search Console. This method is simple:

  1. Go to the connector gallerygoogle data studio connector
  2. Choose Search Console
  3. Search for the property you want to link

If you want to improve the data Search Console provides, you should first export it from the web interface or via the API. Moreover, you can manipulate and connect the data to Data Studio using Google Sheets or BigQuery.

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Google Data Studio Dashboard

Your company insight analytics solutions don’t necessarily have to be pricey dashboard solutions. GoogleDataStudio can provide you with the information you want at a reasonable cost.

You may create an SEO Dashboard using Google Data Studio to gain valuable insights into how different factors in a dataset are connected. You may then use this information to develop a data-driven technical SEO plan.

studio dashboard

A search traffic tracking dashboard has now been added to Google Data Studio. In addition, it now disseminates real-time data on-page search performance. It indicates SEO concerns as well. Moreover, the dashboard allows you to switch between multiple Search Console settings, data kinds, devices, and more in data Studio.

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Google recently supplied the update mentioned above, and we may anticipate hearing more from them in the near future. So, we have additional data to work within Google Data Studio for the time being.

This means you may now import data from Google Data Studio other than Search results. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Google News, and Google Discover data are now available.

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