Google’s December 2021 Product Reviews Update Is Finished Rolling Out

Google Product Reviews Update
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Google has announced that the product reviews upgrade for December 2021 is now just in time for the Holiday break. Google’s Alan Kent tweeted:

“The Google product review update has been completely rolled out.” Thank you!”


Update On Product Reviews For December 2021

They released the December 2021 item audits update at about 12:30 pm ET. They later disclosed that this revamp took 20 days to complete. As a result, this update began on December 1, 2021, and will conclude on December 21, 2021.

According to the initial information, this was not a minor change. It was more significant than the April 2021 item surveys update, but it also became a very considerable component throughout the entire business. The local area buzz and following devices have all been at rather undeniable levels.

What’s More On The Product Reviews Update For December 2021?

The December 2021 item survey felt more strongly than the April version. Some SEOs’ early comments, placement diagrams, and social offers are included. In summary, if this change affected your site, you likely felt it strongly.

google product review
Google Product Review

If you are badly affected by this product review change, Google has provided recommendations on what to consider. Furthermore, Google published two new recommended practices in conjunction with this change.

The first states that you should include more video content in your product evaluations, and the second states that you should provide links to several dealers rather than just one.

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Items Shared By Google

  • Include proof, such as images, audio, or other linkages from your personal experience in the object, to assist your competence and strengthen the authenticity of your evaluation.
  • Add links to many merchants so that the visitor may buy from the retailer of their preference.
google's december 2021 product reviews update
Google’s December 2021 Product Reviews Update

Update On Google’s Product Reviews 

The Google product review update aims to provide review material that outperforms a considerable amount of the functionalized data you find on the internet. Google has said it would prioritize such item ratings in its searched list rankings.

Google does not penalize low-quality item reviews with low-quality information that merely sums up a small collection of stuff. However, it will seem like a punishment if you provide such information and see your rankings degraded due to other work being pushed over yours. 

According to Google, this isn’t a punishment for your content; instead, Google rewards localities with more insightful review content with ranks higher than yours.

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