Google’s March 2022 Product Reviews Update was Smaller Than the December 2021 Product Reviews Update, Say Data Providers

product reviews update
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Google started to roll out the third product review update on March 23rd, 2022. It includes more ranking signals for such a ranking algorithm. The March 2022 product reviews update is almost towards its end. Let’s discuss some facts given by the data sources that track ranking volatility on the basis of their examination.

Semrush demonstrates that the March 2022 product reviews update had less impact than the previous change, the December 2021 update, which we examined here.

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About Google Product Reviews Updates

It wants to encourage review material that goes above and beyond much of what you read on the web. Google has said that it will prioritize these kinds of product reviews in its search engine results.

Google does not penalize low-quality product evaluations with “thin material that just summarises a handful of items.” However, if you supply such material and find your rankings degraded due to others’ content ranking higher above yours, it will feel like a con.

google product reviews update

According to Google, this is not a con for your material. Instead, Google is rewarding sites with more insightful product reviews with ranks higher than yours.

Certainly, this change should only affect product reviews, not other forms of material.

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What’s New in the Product Reviews Update for March 2022?

Google stated, “We’re releasing another upgrade that builds on our previous efforts to improve our ability to detect high-quality product evaluations. Making it simpler for us to get sound purchase advice in front of people and reward producers who are sincere in their efforts to be helpful.”

The March 2022 reviews update is not out yet, but it should be released soon. Google feels that most modifications should have been seen by now. We are commenting on the changes we saw today. Google previously stated that the deployment will occur in the “coming several weeks.”

product reviews update

After examining, Semrush spotted a higher moment of fluctuation on March 31st rather than the fluctuation on March 23rd. Let us further discuss this in detail.

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According to Data Suppliers, March was Lower than December

According to Semrush statistics, the March 2022 product reviews update exhibits less volatility in Google search rankings than the December 2021 product reviews update. 

After proper examination, Semrush said that “there is no comparison in the levels of peak volatility.” 

The volatility levels in the December 2021 product reviews update were approximately 9/10. While the volatility levels in the March product reviews update are between 6-7,” the business noted.

peak volatility comparison

The change in volatility levels prior to and after the update is more than three points for several verticals. When compared to both the updates, none of the verticals evaluated exhibited a difference more tremendous than 2.5 points.

This shows that while volatility levels may have been greater overall in December 2021, they were not necessarily due to product evaluations, according to Semrush.

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