Google’s New Features To Improve Image Verification

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Search engines like Google are changing their norms like never before. Every day or two, we hear about the new policies of Google. The reasons for this are many, primarily the advent of technology as new technological advancements emerge daily. Google is realizing the need to announce new policies to curb unethical practices. 

Google Search Engine

In its recent announcement, Google has emphasized the need for image verification. In addition to that, it also has launched some new features that can assist in image verificationLet’s see if you want to know about these new image verification features. 

What Is ‘About This Image’ In SEO 

This new feature is for the users, where they can see whether a picture is AI-generated or natural. Google plans to launch features to improve information transparency in the upcoming months. 

All these steps restrict the misinformative situations where AI-generated images can mislead users. Now whenever you see a snapshot, it will have a markup for AI-generated. 

And to get more information about a picture, you have many methods that you can use. Then you will know various other details about the image.

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Why Image Verification Is Needed 

As you already know that today AI is playing the game and making things easy for better and worse. That’s the downside of it because it doesn’t have a brain of its own and works according to the commands. So even if someone commands it to create a fake picture, it will do it. 

Why image verification

That is where curbing this power of AI is needed because it can be an easy tool for misunderstanding. Therefore, to eliminate such situations, Google has launched new image verification features. These will help to identify and label natural and AI-generated images for better understanding. 

How To Do Image Verification 

The ‘About This Image‘ setting is for users and content creators, and content writers and creators often need compelling and profound pictures. However, they always need to learn the reality of the picture. Now whenever you see an image, you can enquire about it more. 

How to verify image

It will have a built-in markup for AI-generated pictures. Like when it was first indexed by Google, where the image originally appeared, and where else it seemed. With all this information, users will gain information literacy about an image, ultimately preventing any misinformation. 


Therefore in this article, we learn about the new image verification features launched by Google. They are not just some measures to curb your creativity or limitations. Instead, they aim to restrict the unethical practices that can also impact you. These steps ensure transparency and ethical codes only, so you should work according to the latest changes in Google’s policies. 

While verifying images, Google and other search engines try to maximize information literacy among users. There are many methods by which users can get an image’s information. However, they differ based on the device; while some are launched, others are yet to be. 

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