SEO Strategy For Travel Content: How To Build Links And Generate Traffic 

seo strategy for travel content
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When you search for travel-related queries, you will find tons of content because the travel industry is saturated with competition. Because of this, reaching your audience and converting leads into sales is harder. Moreover, conventional SEO and link-building strategies that might work for other industries may not work for travel content. Here we have detailed how you can build an SEO strategy for travel content.

The following sections elaborate on creating an SEO strategy and plan content for generating traffic and building links.

Link Building

You have to get creative with your content if you want to build links.

link building
Link Building

We suggest the following-

Become A Resource

If you want your content to be linked, you must create something valuable. For example- 

  • Bloggers often link statistics. Therefore, if you cover key travel statistics in your content, there is a high chance of being connected.
  • Create resource pages like travel guides, tips, dos and don’ts for a place, etc., to get quality links.
  • Create data-driven infographics.
  • Research new data on a frequently searched topic and create studies. If people looking for these findings see your content, you increase your chances of getting a quality link.

Leverage Interviews And Podcasts

You can give interviews or star as a guest on a podcast. Then, you can request a link from the interviewer or the podcast host. 


This SEO strategy for travel content is excellent for link-building and enhancing the overall standing of your business so that you reach a greater audience.

Driving Traffic

SEO for travel is different from conventional SEO techniques. Therefore, your content will benefit from combining the more traditional on-page SEO strategies- alt text, external links, keyword incorporation, correct structure, etc., with the travel-centric SEO strategies discussed below-

Keyword Searches

You can analyze the importance of different keywords by checking volume (number of searches per month for a particular keyword) and pay-per-click (PPC) value. The higher the PPC for a keyword, the higher its importance.


There is another benefit of keyword searches. To further understand this, consider these searches-

  1. Best countries to visit in summer
  2. Best European countries to stay in the summer
  3. Itinerary for Greece vacation in summer
  4. Things to in Athens
  5. Best hotels in Athens

Here, you can see that as the buyer enters the purchasing funnel, their search keeps getting more specific. By researching keywords, you not only learn how to optimize your content but also understand the type of content buyers are looking for. 

Create Audience Personas

Audience personas for travel content also identify shoulder interests (complementary topics that audiences search for when they look for travel content).

audience persona
Audience Persona

Shoulder interests are beneficial because they help you plan well-rounded content. You can now incorporate information about your audience’s shoulder interests and content about the main query.

Cluster Topics And Plan Content Structure

If possible, you can cluster similar topics on your website and mention multiple keywords in a single post. You must post content about similar issues first, rather than randomly juggling subjects. 


Now that we have touched base on SEO strategies for travel content, it’s time for you to start implementing them to boost your website. But before that, keep these four points in mind-

  • Simultaneously working on building links and focusing on strategies to generate traffic will give you the best results.
  • Updating your key-performing pages is vital.
  • Along with planning, put significant effort into writing your content so that you cover all critical points that drive sales. 
  • As the buyer goes further in the buying process, the About Us page becomes an important indicator of intention and accuracy.

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