Single-Page Websites: Are They Good Or Bad For SEO?

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Single-page websites are grown in popularity in recent years, particularly among businesses that offer a single item or specialize in a specific area. The concern is whether single-page sites help with search engine optimization.Single-page Websites

Is it feasible for a single-page website to impact your Seo rankings? Let’s look at a few examples and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of building a solution.

Single-Page Website

A single-page website differs from a one-page webpage in several ways. There are no navigational hyperlinks on one-page sites, so users will not get the impression that the web page is changing.

A single-page website is a single-page application (SPA) that automatically pulls content from the browser rather than displaying the complete page in response to customer behavior.SPA

Users may move (or slide) to locations farther down the web page by hitting on navigational buttons. The site appears to be changing due to this action, but there is no browser reload.

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Instance Of Single-Page And One-Page Websites

A single-page website for an app

Momentum would be a type of website with a single-page application. single page

The perfect user interface keeps customers focused on the sole goal of installing the program.

Online Shopping Site on a Single Page

Kukla Kit is an outstanding example of how a one-page layout can assist online companies.

Digital firms may add a lot of data about one item by utilizing the homepage to sell the selection while focusing on a single call to action: purchase (download) instantly.

Single-Page Website For A Workshop or Event

‘You Gotta Love Frontend’ is a non-profit programmer workshop.

People enjoy this example since the primary information (about schedules and contacts) is available on a site. But past event data is available via aliases.You Gotta Love Frontend

Figma provides a single option that serves a particular set of people: individuals who wish to convert their Figma graphics into WordPress.Figma

The minimalist site directs the user’s journey to transformation: acquiring a quote via core navigation to refer visitors to the single-page section of the most attractive.

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SEO’s Advantages and Disadvantages

As you can see, single-page web pages look great and are simple to construct, but are they suitable for SEO?


Let’s begin with the benefits of using a single-page website layout.

A Better Smartphone Experience

In 2019, Google stated that it intends to shift to mobile-first crawling; consequently, maintaining a mobile-friendly site is essential.

One of the essential advantages of the single-page layout is that it transfers to smartphones much more effectively, and consumers find it easier to navigate.Better Smartphone Experience

These often load much quicker than multi-page websites, which is a great bonus for many people who can’t wait more than a few seconds for a website to load.

Furthermore, some people find it difficult to click on several web pages or windows on a small device like a smartphone; thus, having only one page is preferred.

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There will be drawbacks, given the importance of keeping the whole of your data on a single page.

Keyword Filtering Is Strictly Limited

Unfortunately, single-page websites have various SEO drawbacks, one of which is keyword rankings.Seo

Single-page websites are often structured around a single principal subject, reducing your ability to rank for various keywords.

When users depend on Google to find new customers, they may consider creating a multi-page website with different keywords on every page to attract a bigger audience.


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