Top Stories Images Not Showing up in Google Search

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There have been multiple photos not displaying in Google’s Top News carousel since early morning August 18, 2021. The problem appears to be affecting query outcomes throughout the world. Google has accepted that it is a glitch. Top Stories Images are not showing up in google search.

Images in the Top Stories carousel are having issues, according to Google. Google Search looks to be functioning normally, on the other hand.
There is an issue on Google’s part. According to Danny Sullivan, the corporation’s public search coordinator, the organization is presently trying to fix the problem.

According to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, search results affect images not to display appropriately. On Google Search’s Top Stories carousel images are not displaying, instead, there are empty or corrupted photos.

top stories images
Top Stories Images

The Top Stories tab displays the highest viewed articles from major media outlets when a subject is browsed on Google. It now shows blank or fuzzy graphic previews. The issue has been present since Wednesday morning. Additionally, image optimization is also applied to rank in Google.

When you are operating a desktop search engine, the carousel should have three articles at the front. Some thumbnails look to be in good shape, while several do not. Yet, in the vast majority of cases, all three thumbnails are empty, fuzzy, or distorted.

Top Stories Image Not Visible Even On Mobile

Users have also found an identical problem on Google’s mobile website. According to a study from the Search Engine Roundtable, the situation has been present since August 18th morning. Numerous Twitter users shared snapshots of such problems.

Many individuals mentioned Danny Sullivan and John Mueller, among a few others. They were asking if the problem is tied to particular terms or if it’s a general issue.

The icon is generally single color or empty rather than presenting a picture. It’s pretty simple to duplicate this by looking up any significant subjects on the internet. There was no definitive statement on the number of compromised pages or when they will resolve the problem.

Google usually attempts to correct problems “quickly,” implying that Google will rectify them within moments. However, it could also mean that it could require days to repair engine flaws.

top story images glitch
Top Story Images Glitch

Google stated that they were trying to solve a fault that causes some photos not to render properly. They admitted their regrets and said that they aim to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Why Should We Be Concerned?

A blurry highlighted picture may reduce your open and click percentage; make sure to note this strangeness in your statistics. Several experts have captured photos of the Top stories carousel with only one or two pictures displayed properly. Hence, images not displaying in Tio Stories imply fewer visits for publications without an image attached.

The Top stories carousel is a key provider of publicity and visitors for certain publications. It’s possible that if the glitch isn’t fixed soon, it’ll influence ad income and other advertising options. These usually rely on bringing a customer onto your site.

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Thankfully, Google was already informed of the problem and reported that Google had largely mitigated the bug affecting the display of Top Stories images on Thursday.

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