Updates In Video SEO – Best Practices By Google

updates in video seo
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Video is a developing structure for content creation and utilization on the internet. For example, Google lists recordings from a large number of various locations to serve clients. This article talks about updates in video SEO.

video seo
Video SEO

Google updated documentation on video SEO best practices. With a part on the most proficient method to streamline SafeSearch content. In addition, Google’s video SEO best practices report has been updated with the most accomplished method. To enhance adult or explicit content for SafeSearch.

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What Is SafeSearch?

SafeSearch’s Google Image and Google Search feature goes about as a computerized channel and automatically filters out pornographic content. And content that may be disrespectful or irrelevant.

google safesearch
Google SafeSearch

Google in it’s updates in video SEO urges website owners to ensure those safe search settings are applicable when necessary to help search engines understand the nature of their website content.

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Groupification Of 18+ Content

Grouping the sites that contain adult or 18+ only content apart from other videos on the internet has been suggested by Google. 

What Is Metadata?

Metadata summarizes basic information about the data, making it easier to find and use specific data instances. You can manually create more specific metadata or automatically create metadata that contains more basic information.

According to Google, Metadata is the powerful signal Google uses to determine the availability of the content that needs to go through the filtration process by SafeSearch.

what is metadata
What Is Metadata

Google suggests adding metadata to adult content.

Adult videos with the right Metadata can help Google determine whether to filter the entire page or selected videos. If there is the absence of Metadata, Google opts for signals generated by machine learning and easy signals. 

“Many users choose not to include adult content in their search results, especially when kids use the same device. Providing any of these meta tags can help improve the user experience, because users will not see the results, neither want nor expect to see”, Says Google. 

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Adult Content – You Might Want To Know

This SafeSearch content optimization guide can help Google identify adult videos or any explicit content. From videos that are safe for any viewer.

offensive content
Offensive Content

“Also, if some sites have adult-sensitive parts, vice versa, and if sections are included in a well-separated method from the main website, figure out how much of this site needs to be SafeSearch filtered. 

 Filtering or moving it to a subdomain makes it a lot easier to say that you need to treat this subdomain this way and treat other subdomains differently.”

Mueller gives the statement mentioned above to avoid the whole website. Mueller also recommends limiting adult content to subdomains. Hope you’ve got enough details about updates in video SEO.


While this is useful, there is a possibility that SafeSearch will filter the entire site. With plenty of adult content on the website. This is because even though most of the content on the site is safe for all viewers, a small amount of 18+ only or adult content can be explicit. Therefore that was all regarding updates in video SEO.

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