Why Having A User-First Approach To SEO Is Important?

why having a user-first approach to seo is important_
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) yield more importance when we want to ensure the prominent visibility of a website on search query results. But at intervals, the user experience may get compromised while we are busy fixing for SEOs & SERPs. 

Why Does User Experience Hold Importance In SEO?

SEOs initiated with the need to help make the website more accessible to a user. Being accessible to a user meant its increased visibility in response to search engine queries. Over time several methods arrived that focused on optimizing for the search engine. 


However, the users begin to discern between the high-quality content written with helpful information and the material presented to only cater to the needs of SEO. Users prefer improvements and troubleshooting their existing pain points over SEO plugins

Professionals understand the importance of putting the needs of the user first. They master the basics of user-based experience (UX) to expand the scope of their services. After several years of these practices, users prefer the usability of a website or an app over SEO techniques. 

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5 Reasons To Have A User-First Approach To SEO

Here are the top 5 reasons to give preference to the user-first approach to improving web content:

user-first approach to seo
User-First Approach To SEO

It Upgrades The User Experience

More & more users prefer surfing the content over mobile apps rather than going to the website. It provides freedom & convenience to hold the attention of a user with improved content & hyperlinks. 

It Makes SEO Techniques Easier To Implement

Creating targetted headlines and to-the-point descriptions to that headline improves the SEO plugin. Similarly, including active verbs in call-to-action (CTA) buttons allow for providing hyperlinks & internal links. Thus improving the user experience makes it easier to implement SEO techniques.

It Repairs The User’s Pain Points

It does not make a good impression on users to focus more on adding content & graphics to the website rather than addressing the pain points. If the users can not browse a website, how will they benefit from it?

It Accelerates The Loading Time Of A Web Page

Lag in loading time of web page demotivates a user to further surf & the user tends to spend more time on other websites where it takes less time to do the same thing.

accelerates the loading time of a web page
Accelerates The Loading Time Of A Web Page

Accelerating the speed will motivate a user to return, increase the number of visitors to that website & improve its ranking in SERPs.  

It Helps Convert Prospective Clients Into Customers

Having a user-first approach will engage a user is spending more time browsing the contents of a website & make them potential clients. With improved user experience & SEO tactics, those potential clients will become customers.

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The best SEO practices also prioritize the user experience in their methods. Search engines will recognize the balance between the two approaches & improve the ranking of the website on their SERPs while also improving the website for a user. Also, a closer inspection of significant reasons for having a user-first approach to SEO will indicate enhanced benefits in optimizing search engines.


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