Google On The SEO Value Of User Comments On Websites

seo value of user comments
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Search engine optimization has been the practice of getting the right amount of internet traffic from search engines to a website or web page. SEO focuses on earned traffic instead of direct or bought visitors. SEO value of user comments is an essential aspect.

Comments posted on web pages might add Seo rankings, but they must be used appropriately to avoid spam and other issues that may arise.

seo value of user comments on websites
Source: GSQi

According to Google, they might assist with SEO if you can regulate them. During Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout on February 18, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller addressed this issue.

It is incorrect to state that website comments are a ranking component because merely enabling visitors to submit comments will not improve your site’s rating. However, depending on what people post in the comment box, they may help with search rankings. Here’s Mueller’s take on the SEO worth of user comments.

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How User Comments Can Aid SEO

User comments can provide SEO value to web pages in the form of added context. Comments related to the subject of the webpage could help Search engines better comprehend the content. If readers stay on topic and provide comments on the page’s content, that information can help search rankings. Also, it determines which sorts of searches it must rank for.

how user comments can aid seo
Source: NetworkUstad

When people write irrelevant comments, the overall quality of the website suffers. Off-topic comments may give Google confusing signals about what the web page is about and what questions it should show. User comments are the responsibility of websites, even if they are written by persons who may not be directly linked. If it’s on your website, you’re in charge of it.

Commenting with spammy links, for instance, might lead to penalties or degradation in search results. Having said that, it’s preferable to enable comments only if you’re capable of managing them.

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The Importance of Comments and SEO

There are a few intrinsic pros to using comments to improve your SEO. First, they are an excellent source of latent semantic indexing keywords.

importance of comments and seo
Source: Quora

These keywords are essentially synonyms for the primary keywords targeted by your blog article, allowing it to rank better on search engine results pages (SERPs).

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How to Get Comments That Are SEO-Friendly

The first method allows comments using your website’s native content management system (CMS). WordPress, Wix, and many other platforms include built-in comment mechanisms that allow your users to discuss your articles.

get comments that are seo-friendly
Source: SEMrush

These are usually the most acceptable comments system to use since you can control them in the same place as you update your page. There are no plugins or add-ons necessary; simply enable comments by clicking a button and reap the rewards.

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However, you should be aware that these comment mechanisms are vulnerable to spam. And they may have different standards for eliminating unwanted comments. With a comment box on every article on your web page, the very last thing author wants is irrelevant spam that might hinder your site’s SEO rather than improve it.

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