Google: No SEO Bonus For Keyword-Based Domains

seo bonus for keyword-based domains
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John Mueller of Google responded to a Reddit inquiry about the benefits of incorporating keywords in domain names. Mueller has confirmed that the domain’s terms do not provide SEO benefits and explained why avoiding keyword-based names is advisable. This article talks about the SEO bonus for keyword-based domains.

Mueller explains why keywords in a domain do not provide ranking benefits and why choosing such domains can backfire. However, several non-SEO reasons why keywords in your domain may still be viable options.

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Keywords in domain names

Some SEOs propose incorporating keywords in your domain for a variety of reasons. Some argue that if someone connects to you with merely a URL, the term functions as anchor text and impacts Google’s results.

However, John Mueller has stated that Google understands the distinction between bare URLs and anchor text and does not employ keywords in plain URLs.

Others argue that domain keywords improve SEO since they help Google comprehend what your site is about. However, his recent Reddit response refutes that notion.

Google used to rank exact match domains, even parking domains. However, the exact match domain’s usefulness was reduced many years ago to lessen its effects.

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However, there may be some legitimate non-SEO reasons why keyword-based names are beneficial.

keywords in domain names
Source: NamesCon Europe

According to John Mueller, Keyword-based domains are restrictive and provide little SEO benefit. He then made suggestions for the most important domain names.

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Google’s John Mueller responded to a Reddit question about the SEO benefits of including keywords in the domain name. Mueller admitted that there is no SEO benefit to having keywords in the domain. He provided reasons why keyword-based domains should not be used.

Mueller makes compelling reasons why keywords in domain names do not improve rankings. Moreover, why utilizing such names can backfire. However, several non-SEO reasons why keywords in domains may still be a helpful solution.

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Domain Name Keywords

There are various reasons why some SEOs recommend including a keyword in the domain name. Some argue that when someone connects to you with just the URL, the keyword functions as anchor text and affects Google’s results.

However, according to John Mueller, Google recognizes the difference between a bare URL and anchor text and that the keywords in a plain URL will not be utilized.

domain name keywords
Source: The Indian Wire

Others argue that having keywords in the domain helps SEO since they assist Google in comprehending what the site is about. However, his subsequent Reddit response disproves that theory.

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In conclusion, hope you understood Google’s stand on SEO bonus for keyword-based domains. Keep in mind that any research article or a study does not substantiate the concept that keywords in domains improve SEO.

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