The Type Of Content That Is Indexed By Google

content that is indexed by google
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A question that may hover in every webmaster’s mind is the type of content that is indexed by Google. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has discussed this and has given us a clear idea about this topic.

John Mueller has recently emphasized the importance of letting Google understand what type of content is present in your site. 

While he talked about external links, the general answer showed Google how important your content is. He also shared five ways to highlight the importance of your page to Google.

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No Indexing Of The Discovered URL

If Google’s search console shows that it has discovered a website, but it is not indexed, it is terrible news. It means that the site is not present in Google’s search index, and Google cannot consider it for ranking in their search engine.

So, in simple words, an un-indexed site is as good as a non-existing site.

no indexing of the discovered url
Source: ContentKing

The person who asked the question said they create content for their clients. They faced the problem mentioned above.

So, the person responsible for the SEO of those content asked for some guidance. And John Mueller gave him some suggestions. One of them was the idea of using external links.

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Crawled But Not Indexed?

To this question, John replied that if Google is not indexing content, it does not mean there is an issue with the content.

crawled but not indexed
Source: Contentking

He said that if Google has discovered the site but hasn’t indexed it, it does not mean anything. It’s just that Google had crawled the area but decided not to index it.

He said that when Googlebot is still crawling a website, it does not mean they will automatically index the site.

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Indexing Of Website

Here are the suggestions that John Mueller offered:

Make sure that the Google crawler understands the critical range. Here are the suggestions that John Mueller offered:

“It is better to focus on quality over quantity. So, make sure that you focus on creating less content and improving the content of each site. There will be fewer pages for indexing.

  Internal linking helps the Google crawler to understand the essential parts of a site.

If your pages have external links, Google may think that those pages are essential.

Other than that, site maps and RSS feeds also help Google understand whether the pages are new or whether there have been any changes in an existing site.”

indexing of website
Source: Ahrefs

Generally, all these things come together in a site. There is no indexing of a webpage. 

He talked about how his client shared articles on social media and links to those blog posts.

Mueller also said that if Google detects some external links to those pages, there is a slight chance that they will crawl the page again. 

He added that the chance is dependent on what type of external link you are using.

Links from social media directly have no follows attached to them. So, Google will not forward any signals.

If Google detects that the external links are problematic or have minimal use, they will ignore them.

However, if Google thinks that the link highlights essential stuff, there is a high chance that Google will visit the page and crawl it to index it.

These are the type of content that is indexed by Google.

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Indexing Of Important Stuff

Mueller didn’t give away the algorithm in how Google works. But this entire conversation gave us a peek into how Google decides which sites are suitable for indexing.

He explained that indexing is important for any article throughout his answer. He told us that we should make it easy for Google to decide which sites are essential to increase the chances of getting indexed.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the content that is indexed by Google.

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