Does Changing Page Titles Affect SEO? [Detailed Guide]

does changing page titles affect seo
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The question is, does changing page titles affect SEO? If your site’s content gets updated regularly, you may have to change the tiles. Or maybe you think that changing titles every day will positively affect your SEO. Or perhaps Google will crawl on your site more frequently.

Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has explained whether you will face a positive or negative impact when changing page titles regularly.

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Akash Singh is an SEO practitioner who joined the Google Search Central SEO office-hours Livestream on February 4. He asked many questions related to SEO, and one of them was whether changing page titles can affect your site.

Akash claims that he owns a website that updates stock values regularly. So, he needs to change his page title daily based on the latest values of stocks. He is worried about whether this is something wrong in terms of SEO.

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Let’s see what Mueller said in response to the question.

How Does It Affect Your SEO?

John Mueller replied that it is okay to change page titles every day. He doesn’t advise against it.

He added that Google would not give any particular weight if the title tag kept changing. If someone wants to update the titles of their site, it is entirely up to them.

However, changing your page titles frequently doesn’t mean Google will crawl on your site daily and update the search results.

does changing page titles affect seo
Source: SEO Sherpa

Google will only crawl on your site on a weekly or monthly basis.

That means even if you change the title every day, the search results will show the titles that are a few days old. This is because they haven’t crawled to your site recently.

So, in a nutshell, if your page title contains information that changes with time, then it will quickly become outdated since Google will only crawl your site on a weekly or monthly basis.

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Can Google Crawler Detect Changes in Page Titles?

After that, Akash asks whether frequent changes in the page titles will affect the frequency at which Googlebot crawls your page.

John Mueller replied that it was not going to happen.

google crawler detect changes in page titles
Source: ShoutMeLoud

The crawler can help detect whether the title of a page is changing frequently or not. However, that doesn’t mean Google will start crawling your site daily.

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If you want to see how frequently Googlebot visits your page, you can use the index report generated by Google Search Console. It will help you decide whether changing page titles often have any meaning.

One final thing that you need to remember is that Google rewrites only 61% of the page titles. So, even if Googlebot crawls your site daily, it does not guarantee that Google will regularly show the latest page title.

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