How Google Search Console Tracks’ People Also Ask’ Performance Data

people also ask
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Recently, Google released a statement on search console’s performance data tracking of “People Also Ask” snippet and how it may affect SEO efforts. After a netizen raised this question during a hangouts session, Google offered this remark. Google’s search advocate, John Mueller, provided a thorough answer in response to this question. If you haven’t heard the news yet, we’ll break it to you in a straightforward way.

Let’s look at how the “People Also Ask” snippet works. We will also go over how the search console tracks its performance statistics.

What is “People Also Ask” Snippet All About?

Google owns the PAA box, allowing access to Google’s growing library on any topic and its subsets. It is based on machine learning and relational topic hubs. A PAA inquiry box expands when you click the right arrow. The more you click, the larger the box of frequently asked questions becomes. Hundreds of extended results can be generated from these endless PAA lists. 

people also ask snippet

 People Also Ask boxes are a customizable SERP feature that shows a list of related queries to the original search query. It has control over the space previously held by organic search results. It also includes the text source’s URL and a shortcut link to conduct another Google search for that subject. As a result, getting formed as a response to People Also Ask inquiries is a great way to get ahead of the competition. It also helps to pique your target audience’s curiosity.

How Does Google Measure “People Also Ask” Performance Data?

Google keeps track of your page’s performance based on the number of impressions it receives. So, how do these impressions operate in practice? Google clarified this inquiry by describing how impressions might benefit your website. I

t counts as an impression when someone clicks on the “people also inquire” area and sees your website URL. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the top of the “people also ask” list or if 15 people clicked 15 separate times before yours appeared. This would be one of your first impressions.

people also ask performance data

When it comes to determining where the “people also ask” section appears in a set of search results, Search Console keeps track.

As a result, anytime a URL shows in search results, Google attempts to show it in Search Console. However, the ranking and position are determined by the total position of all the parts in the group.


We now understand performance data tracking via the Google search console for the “People Also Ask” snippet. Even so, there is still a lot to learn. We can anticipate Google providing a more extensive response to this inquiry in the future.

The tracking reports offered by the search console, on the other hand, show an overall position of the site by combining several characteristics of its ranking. We can’t simply think about one factor in the ranking; we have to consider how all aspects work together.

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