Ranking An Amazon Product Page on Google

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Do you have a Product on Amazon?

If yes, then this one is for you!

If your amazon product page is ranking in the top 3 on Google, it means that you’re really generating a lot of traffic and making a decent amount of money.

So let’s see if its all that challenging, especially if you put into consideration the fact that Amazon is probably the most trusted Google Authority domain in the world, I mean if we can rank it then we’ve nailed it right?

Special Note: This post is not about improving your rankings in Amazon Search Results. I have written different post if you want to rank your amazon product in Amazon Internal Search. You can read it here.

this is the to basic guide if you want to rank your amazon product in Google’s SERP.

If you are wondering how do I find my amazon ranking?; then you should go to the product details page for that item and scroll down towards the bottom and you would see “Amazon Best Seller Rank” for that product in that amazon. Again, This post is not about improving your rankings in amazon. Its about improving it in Google.

Let me share my findings about the process!

(A) Is It too Easy to Rank With Amazon?

Compared to other web sites, it is easier to rank an Amazon product page to Google than anything else, however, as it is with SEO, the competition of the other ranking pages for that keyword will always determine the outcome.

But trust me, It does not mean that you can link spam hell out of Amazon product page. It might not work that well.

You cant just go to fiverr and buy 20k links directed to your product page. It would not simply work.

You need quality links, juts like another web site. But the twist in the tale is, You can get ranked with fewer quality links as compared to a normal web site, because of Amazon’s authority.


The best approach would be getting links from few hand written original articles (blog posts) along with diversity links.

(B) Do Ranked Products Even Dominate the Niche?

The truth of the matter is that ranked products sometimes don’t even dominate the niche. Because you have ranked them on Google not on Amazon, Right?

All they do is act as a “gateway” product. Most often than not, the ranked product is not the best product available for the niche, so people don’t usually buy it because once they get there, they start shopping and comparing products and at the end of the day they make their decisions based on what they think is best not what is ranked “first” on Google.

But it does not mean that you are at loss, You are still making sales if not as many as the #1 in Amazon search.
And over a period of time, the in coming traffic from Google, would help you rank better in Amazon Search as well.


(C) Can Google Penalize My Amazon Product Page?

99.9% Not, Not for the link building work.

But It is true that your Amazon product can be penalized by Google (.1% chances), personally none of the products I’ve tried to rank have gotten the axe so I would say, be cool about it.



(D) Indexing? Which URL I should Build Links to?

You have no control over what URL structure you have to build links to, because Google decides which URL they crawl out of so many options available with Amazon.

•    http://www.amazon.com/example-product/dp/B01DDP7D6W
•    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DDP7D6W
•    http://www.amazon.com/keyword/dp/B01DDP7D6W

You can’t force your own URL into things, as it would go  back to the original version chosen by Google. So the best solution is to actually wait for Google to index your product into their database then find out what URL they’re using.Then you use that particular URL.

As always; I hope this gave you some wow moments, you can always utilize these ideas and turn them into huge advantages for your Amazon businesses.

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