The SEO Community Feels Blindsided By November 2021 Core Update

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Google recently announced the November 2021 core update. The timing of the announcement on November 17th, 2021, has sparked some debate among the SEO community. Google had launched the November 2021 core update on that day.

november core update
november core update

These routine algorithmic updates are hardly anything uncommon. In spite of that, some SEOs are puzzled as to how and why Google chose to announce it. It was more surprising, mainly because it was done prior to one of the biggest purchasing seasons of every year.

The holiday shopping times are not easy for organizations. There are several companies that aim to satisfy client needs and also some of their own income predictions. Such companies are constantly under significant strain during the days leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Adding a core upgrade to the equation might confuse things even further. Some SEOs believe that Google is well out of sync with both the company and search communities as a result.

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Well, then, what was the reaction of the SEO sector?

SEO community’s reaction

Several of those in the search sector is scoffing at Google’s decision to release this upgrade at such a time. Several marketers, notably SEO Rich Missey, replied to Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan’s statement. They pointed out potential concerns with stakeholders of the company.

seo ranking analysis
seo ranking analysis

A fundamental upgrade happened almost at the exact period the year before. Nevertheless, Sarah Blocksidge of Sixth City Marketing responded by pointing out that this year’s scheduling seemed to be more logical.

Others, like Barry Adams of Polemic Digital, were a little more pessimistic about the upgrade, and Google’s core improvements in general.

Google’s John Mueller chose to join the dialogue. He did so by asking SEOs when and how they would like the business to publicize these modifications and changes.

On the basis of the impact of the upgrade, several companies may run into problems. These are the companies that make adjustments to their employees and stock in advance for the festive shopping period. It is critical for SEOs to determine when these ranking shifts happened.

This would, in turn, help them to alert partners and alter their strategy accordingly. According to many individuals, these effects might last through the conclusion of November. Thus, everyone must prepare to adjust to changes in search visibility.

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